Residential  and Home Security
We have a range of security systems to ensure residential and home security. We currently supply residential and home security systems to various estates and complexes. Our residential service bouquet includes the following security services:

Physical access / control guards
Dedicated tactical response vehicles
Foot patrol services
Home alarm systems
Home security cameras
CCTV systems and remote surveillance
The crime situation that has manifested in our country has necessitated the establishment of safer living. Metasec specializes in the provision of tailormade estate security solutions with a focus on effective access control as well as internal and perimeter mobile and foot patrols in order to serve as deterrent or early detection as well as expedited response to emergency situations.
Estate Security Guards
Metasec Security Solutions offer security services and security solutions such as off-site or remote CCTV monitoring and access control.

We believe that Remote (or Off-Site) CCTV Monitoring of Clients premises is the intelligent solution. Metasec Security Solutions caters to the industrial sector with its diverse nature and tailors its service according to each clients unique needs to Retail, Mining and Industrial clients.
Contact us for a Tailor Made Security Solution
Our locally based Control Room operates on a 24/7 basis by specially trained monitoring personnel. The control room is equipped with the latest high tech surveillance technology systems to monitor all access points and perimeters thereby ensuring that you and your business are protected day and night. We have alternate power sources readily available in case of any power supply interruptions.
Medical Response,
Fire Response
Armed Response
What we do Rapid Response service:
Proactive incident response it’s safe to assume that your organisation will, at some point, suffer a breach.  So incident response  part our services to Metasec Security Solution clients.
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