CCTV Monitoring has a variety of applications. However, the design and implementation of individual systems will vary significantly from Client to Client. It can be used to allow Security Officers to watch activities around the premises, without having to carry out tedious or dangerous patrols.

Recordings of events can be reviewed to prove how a theft occurred. Management can use recordings as a training aid. Recently, the capability to have premises monitored remotely (at an independent Off-Site facility) is becoming the most effective use of this powerful technology.

We specialize in:  Installation & Maintenance of Security Systems to the Commercial & Industrial Sector Clients.


Implementation of technology for more effective early detection and deterrence.


All officers are equipped with a Baton Stick, Pepper Spray and a Mobile Radio for communication purposes.
Security Services

Metasec offers a comprehensive range of tailormade security guarding solutions to both the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

24/7 Armed Response

Metasec Security Solutions offers an advanced monitoring and armed response service to our clients. 24h Armed Response, Medical Response, Fire Response.
CCTV Systems

Our qualified technical teams responsible for installing and maintaining alarm systems, access control systems

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