Information Technical Security Services

We provides a wide range of high level technical security services across
many security domains.  Our people have extensive long term, large scale
experiences with all of our service offerings.
How easy is your system to crack?

Do you have a business critical or high risk application you need increased assurance on? Need to up-skill internal development teams to produce more secure code? We undertake static or dynamic code analysis on your application. Our experienced testers have skills in popular development languages, and have worked upon and deconstructed data warehousing platforms, banking systems, medical devices, and administrative corporate applications.

Frequently Code Reviews are incorporated into Penetration Testing activities, to provide a strong understanding of your systems security posture.
As part of organizational risk reduction strategies, We can work with you to understand your environment and develop a zone and trust based network security model. This control provides a common, simple, template based approach you can quickly deploy systems into. This applies consistently for on-premise and cloud based hosting arrangement. These network security models are vendor independent, and help ensure resources and effort are only expected on higher importance platforms.  Our consultants have designed and worked in the deployment and utilisation of internal Network Segmentation.
How easy is it to compromise your system, or ‘get hacked’?

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing activities are a key technical assurance activity for higher risk systems. This testing helps to validate developmental, procedural and technical controls are implemented and working as expected.

We provide leading testers to undertake both lightweight vulnerability testing, and in-depth Penetration testing, while translating the technical risks into business terms for professional engagement with the relevant business units.

If you have concerns about physical access, we can also provide red teaming capabilities, where we utilise physical access and social engineering skills to reach the target. This combined with penetration testing activities will provide an end to end view of your security posture.

Penetration testing is a highly skilled and resource specific undertaking. Acknowledging that the results of a Penetration test are heavily dependent upon the methodology, and the skills of the individual penetration tester, we do  provides the best testing in the market.

Find & Fix

Prepare to be patient
Rootkits are one of the most difficult types of infections to remove.  The rootkit itself is not harmful, however they are used to hide malicious software: worms, bots, etc.

Rootkits are activated before the operating system boots up, enabling the attacker to gain control of the infected computer in very critical ways.
By design, a good rootkit should be almost invisible.
Information gathering can be a slow frustrating exercise, depending on the person or company that is targeted. Even if it is possible to get a lot of data in a short period of time,

We make use of more that one program to scan and crawl for data and where needed use custom Python, Ruby and PHP scrips.
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